At the second meeting of the Executive Board of the Slovene Society for Microscopy (SDM) the commission for scholarships granted four scholarships to young scientists, members of the SDM, to enable them to participate at "Microscopy Conference (MC) 2013". The individual scholarships are for €250, and the chosen scholars are:

  1. Miloš Vittori, Department for Biology, Biotechnical Faculty, UL
  2. Jerica Mraz, Institute of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, UL
  3. Tanja Višnjar, Institute of Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, UL
  4. Matej Hočevar, Institute of Metals and Technology

On behalf of the SDM's Executive Board, we would like to thank the FEI Company for its financial support of our young scientists.

We would also like to congratulate the scholars and wish them a safe trip to Regensburg and further success in their research careers.

The European Microscopy Society (EMS) offers sponsorship for microscopy events organizers. Eligibility criteria and instructions for application are available at the society's website.